How to Treat Acne with a Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil is one of the best natural ingredients to get rid of the acne and pimples. It contains disinfectant and soothing properties which allow it to kill the acne causing bacteria without stripping your skin of its natural oils.

Want to try this remedy for yourself? Well, you can use tea tree essential in the following ways to get rid of the acne quickly and efficiently:

1. Applying it directly

You can apply this essential oil directly to the affected area to get rid of the acne. Since tea tree essential oil has antibacterial properties, it is a great way to get rid of acne without exposing your skin to further chemicals. You can just apply a small amount of this oil to disinfect your pores, dry out your blackheads, whiteheads, and so on.

If you are applying it directly to the affected area, use a cotton bud or cotton pad and place a few drops of the oil on it. Then use this to dab on the affected area only and leave it on for a few hours.

Make sure that you always apply this oil to a clean and dry skin and use a 100% natural tea tree oil and not some product which contains this essential oil.

2. Making a homemade solution

Another great way to get rid of the acne with the help of this essential oil is by making a homemade spot treatment for yourself. A lot of people have sensitive skin and might feel a little dryness when they apply this essential oil directly to their skin so they can instead make a homemade acne solution to apply. Just mix a few drops of this essential oil with a few teaspoons of aloe vera gel or raw, organic honey.

Honey is known to have antibacterial properties and can help in the faster healing of the skin. Once your mixture is ready, you can apply it directly to your acne to get rid of it.

To make it easier to apply, you can store it in a lip-gloss container and apply it directly to the acne.

3. Using it as a face mask

You can also use this essential oil in a store-bought face mask or a homemade face mask to get rid of the acne by killing the acne-causing bacteria and drying out the pimples. You can use these following recipes to make your own homemade face mask with tea tree essential oil:

  1. Take 3-4 drops of tea tree oil and then add a couple of tbsp. of green clay powder to it. Now, add enough water to it so that it resembles a paste and then apply it on your face. Leave this mask on for 20 minutes or until it dries off and then rinse it off with warm water and pat your face dry.
  2. Take ¼ cup of plain yogurt and add 5 drops of tea tree essential oil to it and apply this mixture to your face. Rinse this mixture off after 15-20 minutes.

What are the Best Electric Fireplaces For Home.

If you are planning to a new set of 240 Volt Electric Fireplaces, then there are thousands of brands you can select from and the latest features enabled fireplaces are capable enough to warm up the house within a matter of seconds.

What Are The Best 240 Volt Electric Fireplaces?

ClassicFlame 36EB220-GRT – $429

The unit has the heating capacity of 800 square feet, which is more than enough for a family of four. You get plenty of features which are common in electronic units. The products come with two-year of warranty with a detailed instruction manual.

ClassicFlame 39EB500GRS – $629

The dual voltage technology equipped unit can take care of a family of four without any hassle. If you are new and you need a heater which has glass doors and unique design, then you can order the machine.  You will get two-year for warranty on the unit which is priced at $629.


Cadet Com-Pak – $119

The Com-Pak isn’t a fireplace, but it does the work of a heater, which is the primary option of any heater. When you need a quick warmer, then you can carry this tool, which is powered enough to take care of three people without any hassle. The unit is compact and comes with five years of warranty.

Dimplex RBF30 – $1019

If you are somebody who doesn’t have a fireplace at their house, then you can get RBF30, which is an indoor electric unit which is made to keep you warm. It comes with 400 square feet heating and is an indoor electric fireplace with the firebox. The RBF30 came with two years of manufacturer warranty and priced at $1019.For more, you can also read best electric fireplace under $1000 on Uphomes.

Fireplace Electric Embedded – $1079

When your house is huge and, you need a heater which is capable enough to keep the room temperature high then you ca buy the latest Fireplace Electric Embedded, which is a robust unit that is capable of taking care of 8 members without any hassle. The unit came with two years of warranty and priced between $1000 – $1100.

PuraFlame Western – $329

The 33-inches firebox is capable enough to give you the precise temperature and adjustable thermostat. If you want to keep your house warm and your room warm, then you should get this western model, which is built from high-quality of material. You can use this electric unit for longer periods. The product comes at the price of $329 and with two years of manufacturer warranty.

Moda Flame Elwood – $490

Electric Fireplace has many features that can comfort you and also add high, low, no heat and medium settings, which enable you to select your heat setting that can reduce or increase the temperature of your house within minutes. If you are someone who has a big family but needs adjustments depending on the usage, then this is the best choice for you. The product comes with two years of warranty and price at $490.


Fireplaces are very popular in western countries and almost used for generations. As of now, electric models are ruling the market with amazing features that are made for your comfort and give you the warmth in your house. IF you have any questions relted to the topic then make sure to comment below.


Ca Bokcoy Sukiyaki Recipe – Chinese food – Viddyjam

This Recipe by is going to tell you that how to make Ca Bokcoy Sukiyaki, which is a Chinese food and very popular in Asian countries.


  1. 2 tablespoons cooking oil, for saute
  2. 1 tablespoon sesame oil
  3. 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
  4. 250 grams beef sukiyaki part has to
  5. 250 grams baby bok coy, in the split second
  6. 1 tbsp oyster sauce
  7. 1 ½ tablespoons soy sauce
  8. ½ tsp pepper powder
  9. 1 teaspoon salt
  10. 150 ml water
  11. 1 teaspoon cornstarch, dissolved in a little cold water


How to Make Sukiyaki Ca Bokcoy Cuisine:

  • Heat oil and sesame oil. Saute garlic until fragrant.
  • Enter sukiyaki meat, cook until meat changes color. Add baby bok coy, stirring until slightly wilted. Enter the oyster sauce, soy sauce, pepper, salt, and water, cook until boiling.
  • Pour the starch solution, stirring until thickened. Lift. Serve hot with hot rice.

Types of Kitchen Faucet Valves

You might know that there are several types of Kitchen faucets based on their structure and usages but that is not where the kitchen faucet types end. There is another characteristic of kitchen faucets which helps in differentiating between them and this is often known as the faucet valves. You will find that there are further 4 types of Kitchen faucets based on their valve types which you can choose from.


  1. Compression Faucet

One of the most commonly used kitchen faucet in most homes, this is one of the simplest types of the faucet which involves two separate handles for cold water and hot water. A compression faucet uses a rubber washer to control the water flow and temperature. Once you pull the handle upwards, the washed is lowered down which in turn shuts the valve seat of the faucet. If you want to stop the water flow, then all you need to do is push the handle down and close the washer. This type of faucet is useful for those people who like to have separate handles for hot and cold water but this faucet is quick to get damaged but due to its easy fix, it is a favorite of most people making it one of the most sought-after faucet type.

  1. Ball Valve Faucets

Another type of faucet which is quite commonly used in the kitchen is the ball valve faucet which includes only one handle for controlling the temperature and flow of water. This type of faucet doesn’t include a washer but includes a round cap which is found at the base of the faucet. In a Ball Valve faucet, you will find that it has several slots which are responsible for mixing the hot and cold water and the flow of water. As this doesn’t incorporate a rubber washer, this faucet doesn’t require a lot of maintenance but due to its higher number of components, it is more prone to leakage and damages.

  1. Cartridge Valve Faucets

Another popular faucet type which can be found in both the single-handle and double-handle model. This type of faucet uses a brass and plastic cartridge to work and doesn’t include a rubber washer too. This cartridge component is responsible for the flow of water and the water temperature. All you need to do is move the cartridge left to right and up to down to achieve the desired result. The cartridges in this faucet use an O-ring to get sealed which makes this faucet much more durable and resistant to damages. It doesn’t require much maintenance and since it is less likely to break and quite easy to fix, it is a popular choice for most users.

  1. Ceramic Disk Valve Faucets

This type of faucet is the newest type of faucet which works with the help of a single level and two highly-polished ceramic disks which work by sliding on each other. This type of faucet requires its disks to move from side to side and to be lifted up and down to both manage the water and the temperature. Considered to be quite a durable faucet, this is relatively new and quite expensive which is why it is still not as popular as the other faucets yet.

How Jam Can change some Boring Dishes

In the last post, we discussed fun ways of using Jam. Today we are here with some additional tips that make Jam the star of the show.

Jam is that one ingredient in the kitchen which is essential yet so boring there is simply no clue as to how one is supposed to finish that bottle except with toast or with yogurt and when one can reach till the bottom of the jar there is not enough to spread on the bread so we end up tossing the bottle into the trash can and the jam is enjoyed by the neighborhood stray dog. Then what is to be done with this monotonous jam bottle?

You came to the right place; I’m going to let you in on ways you never thought jam could be used in!!

Jam Jar Vinaigrette:

All you need for this is a nearly empty jam jar any flavor works as long as love it for me berry flavors work best, some vinegar is its white wine, red wine, fruit or plain old vinegar, and olive oil or any other oil which you prefer. Follow the traditional recipe of a ratio of 1:3 with vinegar and oil.

Toss all of the ingredients into the jam jar bottle and shake it up! And voila! You have your very personal jam jar vinaigrette which you can use to dress up salads.

For snack preparation:

Did you know jam works perfectly with cheese! Isn’t that great? Grilled cheese with a jam side dip will not impress your guests but also amaze them with your creativity of combining sweet and savory flavors like a world-class chef. Fig, blood orange and strawberry are all fantastic companions for cheese.

As a glaze:

Glazing with jam? It may sound crazy but trust me to use jams which are not that sweet such as apple, black currant, etc. which are slightly acidic in flavor to glaze chicken and fish dishes. On the other hand jams such as that of gooseberry can be used to flavor root vegetables as it will impart a unique flavor to a savory dish. Grape jelly can be utilized alongside pork meatballs for a slightly sweet flavor.

Dessert decoration:

Jam can be used in endless ways with desserts. Mix up some jam with whipped cream and nuts along with fruit pieces and sugar, toss in the fridge and you have fruit cream as a dessert. Got a cake but don’t get the idea of decoration?cake Grab the jam bottle, slice the cake in half and put layers of the jam in between for a lovely fruit flavor. Cover up simple cheesecake with jam, especially berry jam works best with beautiful colors. Fill up tarts and muffins with loads of jam for a crust outside and a sweet fruit surprise on the outside,

Cover up simple cheesecake with jam, especially berry jam works best with lovely colors. Fill up tarts and muffins with loads of jam for a crust outside and a sweet fruit surprise on the outside, especially preferred by the kids! Want to give a professional touch to your ice cream sundae? Talking about cakes and sundaes, last we recommended using mixers, and we got a query regarding the best one. Well, there are many you can choose from, and it all boils down to your need, but for bigger batches, the Kitchenaid Professional 600, clearly leads the way.

Take a variety of jam such as pineapple on the bottom, a scoop of ice-cream then strawberry jam and another scoop of ice-cream, on the top a combination of both jams with cut slices of pineapple and strawberry, simply irresistible!!

These were some ways in which you can use Jam, to brighten up boring thoughts. Let us know your thoughts below.

– Jammy Albert


How many times does it happen, that, in the flow of shopping to stock up the fridge with unique items, we end up buying pretty big bottles of various types jam for the sake of our sweet tooth and end up facing the jam toast routine.

How else can jam be used anyway if not on the toast? Read on and discover the exciting ways in which you can pump up the jam routine!

LEMONADES/MOCKTAILS/SHAKES: Yup as simple as it may sound simply replace the sugar that you add to any of these drinks with a spoonful of jam, use pineapple for lemonades as it imparts a lovely yellow color plus a tangy flavor to it. Mocktails and Cocktails can be made using grape or orange jams. For shakes such as those of strawberry jam can be used to give a lovely color and texture to the shake.

TARTS: Fill up the tarts with jams at room temperature and top them off with accompanying fruits such as blueberry jam with fresh blueberries and voila! Jam tarts rule the neighborhood.

GLAZE IT UP: Glazing with jam? It may sound crazy but trust me to use jams which are not that sweet such as apple, black current, etc. which are slightly acidic in flavor to glaze chicken and fish dishes. On the other hand jams such as that of gooseberry can be used to flavor root vegetables as it will impart a unique flavor to a savory dish. Grape jelly can be utilized alongside pork meatballs for a slightly sweet flavor.

FRUIT CREAM: Simply whip up different types of jams along with sweet cream, cut fruits and nuts, and chill in the fridge. Serve as it is with a scoop of mixed jam for an easy dessert.

A recipe of Jam, in a delicious cake –

OATMEAL/MUESLI: Blueberry, blackberry, plum and cranberry jams work well with cooked oatmeal and muesli providing a powerhouse energy and sweetness to your breakfast.

YOGURTS: Turn your everyday boring yogurt into a superstar by adding a jam of your choice to it.

CHEESE: Combine the savory cheese flavor with a sweet jam for an ultimate experience of luxury food at home. Fig, blood orange, and strawberry are all fantastic companions for cheese. Tomato jams can be paired with grilled cheese sandwiches having turkey or ham for a tasty snack.

LAYERING/FILLING: instead of icing, jam can be used for layering cakes. It can also be used as a filling for muffins and mixed up with shortcakes. Jams can be whipped along with icing to impart color to it. Jam can also be used as topping for cheesecakes, ice creams, mousse, and muffins. You can mix it all about using a hand mixer, but if you are preparing heavy batches, then the get best stand mixer in the market.

In the end, jam can always be had as it is without any accompaniments. Remember when you were a kid? Jam bottle in your hands with a red smile and your mom shouting in the background’..nobody can stop you know it’s your fridge. Just scoop it up and let it down your throat gulp !!!

– Jammy Albert

Health Benefits of Jam

Jam or marmalade as we know are made up mostly of fruits, sugar, and some preservatives if bought from the market, however, jam made at home is very healthy for the body. Believe me; it’s true you’re probably thinking how can jam be a healthy option with so much of sugar in it!! Let me enlighten you on the benefits of jam for a healthy body.

As we all have been told since the beginning of time fruits are very essential for our body and are a natural source of many nutrients, sugars and provide energy to our body without any fattening effect and in much fewer calories, similarly fruit jams are packed with all the vital nutrients with sugar so for an instant punch of tremendous energy just scoop up jam and have it directly. Eating jam is a much more of a better option than having butter or margarine as they contain a lot of fat which in turn result in high cholesterol levels. They even reduce the chance of developing various cancers and also help to cure current cancers, of the likes of mouth, stomach, and colon-rectum cancers.

The essential nutrients, minerals, sugars, folic acid and fibers that we consume through jams and marmalades provide not only health but also satiate hunger, and reduce cravings as it makes us feel full thus preventing us from munching onto junk, keeping us in shape!

Fiber helps in improving digestion and reduces constipation and diverticulosis along with preventing kidney stone formation. Thus assisting us in losing weight and keeping fit without having to diet and starve.

Fruits like oranges, gooseberries, mulberries, blueberries, strawberries, kiwis and grapes have lots of vitamin C present in them. Vitamin C is required to make collagen which is a substance used to support tendons ligaments and blood vessels in our body.

It is also essential for our skin cells making it look much younger by slowing down aging process and promotes the growth of healthier, shinier hair as well as stronger nails. It also helps in strengthening our immunity system resulting in faster recovery and even faster healing of cuts and wounds.

A healthy Breakfast with Jam!

A healthy Breakfast with Jam!

It also acts as an antioxidant removing all toxic substances from our body and helps fight cold and coughs. Vitamin A is also helpful in improving eyesight as it allows us to absorb much more iron from solid foods. Calcium, on the other hand, helps in maintaining a better bone health, teeth, and gums.

As almost all types of fruits are available in jam form, kids can sure benefit from having jam as it tastes much better than those gross green vegetables with absolutely zero taste. Who knew a simple jar of concentrated fruit pulp with sugar which is a typically boring morning breakfast supplement with toast, had such great value with a pretty good taste too!!

Grab your shopping bag and head out to the grocery store; I know you’ve got to get jam stacked up in your fridge right now.

– Jammy Albert