How many times does it happen, that, in the flow of shopping to stock up the fridge with unique items, we end up buying pretty big bottles of various types jam for the sake of our sweet tooth and end up facing the jam toast routine.

How else can jam be used anyway if not on the toast? Read on and discover the exciting ways in which you can pump up the jam routine!

LEMONADES/MOCKTAILS/SHAKES: Yup as simple as it may sound simply replace the sugar that you add to any of these drinks with a spoonful of jam, use pineapple for lemonades as it imparts a lovely yellow color plus a tangy flavor to it. Mocktails and Cocktails can be made using grape or orange jams. For shakes such as those of strawberry jam can be used to give a lovely color and texture to the shake.

TARTS: Fill up the tarts with jams at room temperature and top them off with accompanying fruits such as blueberry jam with fresh blueberries and voila! Jam tarts rule the neighborhood.

GLAZE IT UP: Glazing with jam? It may sound crazy but trust me to use jams which are not that sweet such as apple, black current, etc. which are slightly acidic in flavor to glaze chicken and fish dishes. On the other hand jams such as that of gooseberry can be used to flavor root vegetables as it will impart a unique flavor to a savory dish. Grape jelly can be utilized alongside pork meatballs for a slightly sweet flavor.

FRUIT CREAM: Simply whip up different types of jams along with sweet cream, cut fruits and nuts, and chill in the fridge. Serve as it is with a scoop of mixed jam for an easy dessert.

A recipe of Jam, in a delicious cake –

OATMEAL/MUESLI: Blueberry, blackberry, plum and cranberry jams work well with cooked oatmeal and muesli providing a powerhouse energy and sweetness to your breakfast.

YOGURTS: Turn your everyday boring yogurt into a superstar by adding a jam of your choice to it.

CHEESE: Combine the savory cheese flavor with a sweet jam for an ultimate experience of luxury food at home. Fig, blood orange, and strawberry are all fantastic companions for cheese. Tomato jams can be paired with grilled cheese sandwiches having turkey or ham for a tasty snack.

LAYERING/FILLING: instead of icing, jam can be used for layering cakes. It can also be used as a filling for muffins and mixed up with shortcakes. Jams can be whipped along with icing to impart color to it. Jam can also be used as topping for cheesecakes, ice creams, mousse, and muffins. You can mix it all about using a hand mixer, but if you are preparing heavy batches, then the get best stand mixer in the market.

In the end, jam can always be had as it is without any accompaniments. Remember when you were a kid? Jam bottle in your hands with a red smile and your mom shouting in the background’..nobody can stop you know it’s your fridge. Just scoop it up and let it down your throat gulp !!!

– Jammy Albert

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