Health Benefits of Jam

Jam or marmalade as we know are made up mostly of fruits, sugar, and some preservatives if bought from the market, however, jam made at home is very healthy for the body. Believe me; it’s true you’re probably thinking how can jam be a healthy option with so much of sugar in it!! Let me enlighten you on the benefits of jam for a healthy body.

As we all have been told since the beginning of time fruits are very essential for our body and are a natural source of many nutrients, sugars and provide energy to our body without any fattening effect and in much fewer calories, similarly fruit jams are packed with all the vital nutrients with sugar so for an instant punch of tremendous energy just scoop up jam and have it directly. Eating jam is a much more of a better option than having butter or margarine as they contain a lot of fat which in turn result in high cholesterol levels. They even reduce the chance of developing various cancers and also help to cure current cancers, of the likes of mouth, stomach, and colon-rectum cancers.

The essential nutrients, minerals, sugars, folic acid and fibers that we consume through jams and marmalades provide not only health but also satiate hunger, and reduce cravings as it makes us feel full thus preventing us from munching onto junk, keeping us in shape!

Fiber helps in improving digestion and reduces constipation and diverticulosis along with preventing kidney stone formation. Thus assisting us in losing weight and keeping fit without having to diet and starve.

Fruits like oranges, gooseberries, mulberries, blueberries, strawberries, kiwis and grapes have lots of vitamin C present in them. Vitamin C is required to make collagen which is a substance used to support tendons ligaments and blood vessels in our body.

It is also essential for our skin cells making it look much younger by slowing down aging process and promotes the growth of healthier, shinier hair as well as stronger nails. It also helps in strengthening our immunity system resulting in faster recovery and even faster healing of cuts and wounds.

A healthy Breakfast with Jam!

A healthy Breakfast with Jam!

It also acts as an antioxidant removing all toxic substances from our body and helps fight cold and coughs. Vitamin A is also helpful in improving eyesight as it allows us to absorb much more iron from solid foods. Calcium, on the other hand, helps in maintaining a better bone health, teeth, and gums.

As almost all types of fruits are available in jam form, kids can sure benefit from having jam as it tastes much better than those gross green vegetables with absolutely zero taste. Who knew a simple jar of concentrated fruit pulp with sugar which is a typically boring morning breakfast supplement with toast, had such great value with a pretty good taste too!!

Grab your shopping bag and head out to the grocery store; I know you’ve got to get jam stacked up in your fridge right now.

– Jammy Albert

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