What are the Best Electric Fireplaces For Home.

If you are planning to a new set of 240 Volt Electric Fireplaces, then there are thousands of brands you can select from and the latest features enabled fireplaces are capable enough to warm up the house within a matter of seconds.

What Are The Best 240 Volt Electric Fireplaces?

ClassicFlame 36EB220-GRT – $429

The unit has the heating capacity of 800 square feet, which is more than enough for a family of four. You get plenty of features which are common in electronic units. The products come with two-year of warranty with a detailed instruction manual.

ClassicFlame 39EB500GRS – $629

The dual voltage technology equipped unit can take care of a family of four without any hassle. If you are new and you need a heater which has glass doors and unique design, then you can order the machine.  You will get two-year for warranty on the unit which is priced at $629.


Cadet Com-Pak – $119

The Com-Pak isn’t a fireplace, but it does the work of a heater, which is the primary option of any heater. When you need a quick warmer, then you can carry this tool, which is powered enough to take care of three people without any hassle. The unit is compact and comes with five years of warranty.

Dimplex RBF30 – $1019

If you are somebody who doesn’t have a fireplace at their house, then you can get RBF30, which is an indoor electric unit which is made to keep you warm. It comes with 400 square feet heating and is an indoor electric fireplace with the firebox. The RBF30 came with two years of manufacturer warranty and priced at $1019.For more, you can also read best electric fireplace under $1000 on Uphomes.

Fireplace Electric Embedded – $1079

When your house is huge and, you need a heater which is capable enough to keep the room temperature high then you ca buy the latest Fireplace Electric Embedded, which is a robust unit that is capable of taking care of 8 members without any hassle. The unit came with two years of warranty and priced between $1000 – $1100.

PuraFlame Western – $329

The 33-inches firebox is capable enough to give you the precise temperature and adjustable thermostat. If you want to keep your house warm and your room warm, then you should get this western model, which is built from high-quality of material. You can use this electric unit for longer periods. The product comes at the price of $329 and with two years of manufacturer warranty.

Moda Flame Elwood – $490

Electric Fireplace has many features that can comfort you and also add high, low, no heat and medium settings, which enable you to select your heat setting that can reduce or increase the temperature of your house within minutes. If you are someone who has a big family but needs adjustments depending on the usage, then this is the best choice for you. The product comes with two years of warranty and price at $490.


Fireplaces are very popular in western countries and almost used for generations. As of now, electric models are ruling the market with amazing features that are made for your comfort and give you the warmth in your house. IF you have any questions relted to the topic then make sure to comment below.


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